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Saturday, October 22, 2016

20th Field Research Trip - 15th October 2016

On Saturday 15th October 2016 the Togher History Society met briefly to discuss the progress being made on projects covering many diverse fields of inquiry including organisations , sport and possible candidates for future interviews. Tine was given to viewing handwritten documentation proving the Togher connection with certain Townlands going back as recently as the 1950s , such as Doughcloyne , Lehenaghmore and Chetwynd etc. Business of the day concluded , Kathleen O'Keeffe , Eamonn Pearse and Billy O'Brien made their way the short distance to the beginning of Doughcloyne Hill to undertake the shortest Field Trip to date. The objective was to look at the new 5 House Estate built on the former lands of Feirm Bawn and to investigate the now cleared site of the former Allan Family. The legacy of this Family is inestimable in that the head of the house was a close friend of Michael Collins and was also extremely active in the formation of a Development Association for Togher back in the early part of the 20th Century.

 Corner view of new Feirm Bawn development

View from main road showing exit in background

Kathleen remarked how overgrown the house had become down through the years and also how as a child the house could be seen in its entirety from Togher Cross , the surrounding area being open fields. The team took time to photograph the house from several angles and also videoed the site for archival purposes. As the video shows , the house is in a severely dilapidated condition with vegetation growing out of the chimney. The grounds have many outhouses including an original stone walled shed. It is believed that the house is slated for demolition in the very near future - another sad end to Togher's past.

 Cleared site of Allan house on Doughcloyne Hill

 Rear view of Allan house showing lean to

Togher Cross as seen from Allan house

Panoramic Video of Allan House , Togher

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Togher News Newsletter - Issue 05 December 1975

From 1975 through to the late 1980s , the Togher Community Association published a monthly newsletter entitled Togher News. This modestly priced periodical ( 3 Pence! ) covered any and all issues of the day as they pertained to Togher back then. An interesting snapshot of life in the preceeding decades of the district. The following raw images are shown unedited but legible being shot on HD camera. Enjoy the almost complete 5th Issue from December 1975 which sadly is missing Page 8 of 9.

Togher News Issue 5
December 1975

 Page 01

 Page 02

 Page 03

 Page 04

 Page 05

 Page 06

 Page 07
( *Page 8 Missing* )

Page 09

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Research Findings Meeting - 17th September 2016

Following on from the Future Projects Debate of 16th July , the Togher History Society met up at the Community Centre on 17th September 2016 to share their research findings. In attendance were Kathleen O'Keeffe , Dan O'Riordan , Ted O'Riordan with Billy O'Brien hosting the meeting. Fergal Dennehy dropped in later on and thanks are due to him for organizing the room. Although all findings are so far at an early draft stage , there was much to consider and debate. Sport and sporting organizations in Togher were very much to the fore , covering both field and track events. Bowling too reared its head given its long association with Togher. Sport of the hunting variety in the shape of the Togher Harriers came up for mention.

A tantalizing glimpse of Togher's recent historical past

Mary O'Riordan submitted her notes to the meeting for their perusal complete with archive photos. The handwritten text included much information about various associations and residents groups down through the years. The History Society look forward to the finished article.

Mary O'Riordan's submission 
showing herself in 1984 ( right of door )

Billy O'Brien talked the meeting through the minefield of many diverse Directories which pertained to Togher from the 19th Century to the mid 20th Century with mention made of more recent street directories from the 1970s. Also in the mix were an obituary to a Major Sarsfield of Doughcloyne who died in the first World War but was buried in Britain. Censuses too were given room for thought with the ongoing concern of an early release of Ireland's first Census as an Independent nation which is officially due out circa 2027.

Ted O'Riordan and Kathleen O'Keeffe

Dan O'Riordan and Ted O'Riordan

Kathleen O'Keeffe loaned her expertise to all of the findings presented to the meeting with her encyclopedic knowledge of Togher. Kathleen is directly responsible not only for compiling many of Togher's iconic photographs but also for personally taking many of them!

 Billy O'Brien at Togher Community Centre

Fergal Dennehy and Kathleen O'Keeffe

The meeting adjourned after a hour and a half with many excitedly awaiting the future meeting with the descendants of Joe Murphy in October which promises to be a very worthwhile affair. In the interim , it is hoped that Dan and Ted O'Riordan can undertake a step by step route tour of a famous bowling score in Togher which includes many exotic descriptive nicknames such as Barking Dogs and Tigers Point.

Monday, September 5, 2016

19th Field Research Trip - 13th August 2016 - Lehenaghmore Park , Matthews Hill and Clashduv Park

On Saturday 13th August 2016 the Togher History Society took to the roads once more to visit places of interest. The primary location earmarked for a showcase was the newest Soccer Pitch to grace Togher , the former " Green Patch " - Lehenaghmore Park. Located high up in the hillside above the flatlands of Togher , the team set off on foot from Togher Cross , passing Brook Avenue and Palmbury Estate ; Westgate Business Park and Ashbrook Heights ; Chestnut Drive ; pausing only once along the journey which was relentless in its elevation. Appropriately enough , the brief respite was by The Laurels , a farmstead just below the junction of Lehenaghmore Hill and Matthews Hill. The team were not content to rest on their own laurels and pushed on for the final leg to the entrance of Lehenaghmore Park.

Start of Field Trip from Togher Cross

 The Laurels , Lehenaghmore Hill , Togher

 Looking back at West & East Avenue 
from across the road near The Laurels

Memorial to Bowling Player erected at junction
of Lehenaghmore Hill and Matthews Hill

Looking back at the junction 
of Lehenaghmore Hill and Matthews Hill

Signpost to Lehenaghmore Park

The entrance to the new Lehenaghmore Park now sports one of the many Welcome To Togher signs dotted around the district in strategic locations. The first sight to greet the weary travelers were two notices displaying opening times. Just ahead was an impromptu gravel car park which it is thought will be tarmacadam-ed in the near future , funds permitting. Unfortunately the group was too late to witness an actual game between City Bounds and Cathedral Credit with the teams heading off the pitch towards the dressing rooms. A chance presented itself to view the 2 pitches in their entirety and the surrounding walkway with its exercise machinery painted in bright yellow. The far pitch also has a railing which it is presumed is a makeshift stand for fans. It also affords a fantastic view of the dug outs and the split level layout of the playing fields.

A welcome rest at the top of the hill

Arrival at the old Green Patch of Lehenaghmore

Notices just inside the gates of Lehenaghmore Park

Gravel Car Park area before soccer pitches

Overview of 2 soccer pitches with Groundskeeper

View of second pitch with concrete dugouts

 Railing above far pitch and walkway

Exercise machinery above soccer pitches

Video overview of Lehenaghmore Park , Togher taken by Eamonn Pearse

The group departed the newest addition to Togher's sporting legacy and headed back down towards Matthews Hill. Along the way the group photographed the beautiful metal namesigns of the various  Estates they passed , including Laurel Brook , Matthew Hill and Brook Lane. It was refreshing to still be able to view relics of the 19th Century which included a workman's Cottage just before Manor Park and the original Lehenagh Beg railway bridge which once crossed the Cork Bandon line. The group then stopped by the Glenmore River which flows under Pouladuff Cross for a video shoot ( see below )of its stunning scenery. From there a brief rest on Pouladuff bridge which spans both the Tramore River and the South Ring Road before turning onto Tramore Road to check out Togher's newest addition to its housing stock , the private development of Sheridan Park which is well underway.

 Laurel Brook , Matthew Hill , Togher

Matthew Hill , Togher

 Brook Lane ( before Manor Park )

Old 19th Century Cottage before Railway Bridge

Manor Park , Matthew Hill , Togher

Looking back at Lehenagh Beg Railway Bridge

Video of Glenmore River at its terminus at Pouladuff Cross taken by Billy O'Brien

 Eamonn Pearse viewing Togher
 from Pouladuff Bridge

 View of Liberty Stream/Tramore River 
from Pouladuff Bridge

Close up of second pipe flowing into Tramore River

 Sheridan Park - The new kid on the block

The group then set off up Togher Road to rendezvous with fellow Togher History Society member Dan O'Riordan at Clashduv Park. However a trip down memory lane was first deemed essential as the team traversed the site of the old N.B.A, flats and walked down the original concrete steps which once ran alongside them. From there a quick visit to Devils Rock to inspect some mysterious holes in the natural structure. It is not known whether they are organic or old drill holes perhaps made by pneumatic machinery in an attempt to break the rock. Next a flyby of the Deanrock footbridge to search for any sign of the original benchmark inscribed on the wall of the bridge by the Ordinance Survey in the 19th Century which was demolished in the early 1970s to be replaced by a safety fence. Although one mark presented itself , it is more probable that the benchmark was perhaps located further up on the now gone wall. The opportunity presented itself to shoot a test video of the stream with its famous metal pipes for viewers around the world to see for themselves once more. From there the team met up with Dan O'Riordan who accompanied them around the Park , pointing out various items of interest. One childhood memory revolved around the clubhouse located next to the Tennis Grounds. Dan told how as youngsters he and his friends would scale the wall and using their fingers in the window grill hoist themselves up onto the flat roof. Dan informed the group of a noticeable dip in the playing field which betrays its boggy past. By now the field trip was drawing to a close after walking over 13 thousand steps! However , the team reminded each other about their respective research projects which have since blossomed to fruition. The parting of the ways ensued with the next meeting firmly on everybody's minds.

 Natural fissures at Devils Rock ...

... Or drill holes to demolish it in the 1960's?

Remnant of original stone wall on Deanrock 
Footbridge which once bore an O.S. benchmark

 Gated fence to right of Deanrock Footbridge

 Gated fence to left of Deanrock Footbridge

Council yard before Deanrock Footbridge

Scene at Deanrock Footbridge , Glasheen River , Togher
( Test video by Billy O'Brien )

 Tennis grounds at Clashduv Park

 Old club house showing grilled windows

 Playing field showing natural dip of boggy ground

 Dan O'Riordan and Eamonn Pearse

 Beautiful treescape near exit of Clashduv Park

Parting of the ways before the next meeting